Book Club

SPPTA members read and discuss books ranging from the enjoyment of making music to pedagogy practices. The group is very interactive with great discussions. 

Come join us for inspiring conversations and a cup of coffee!


Cafe Latte 

850 Grand Ave, 

St Paul, MN 55105

We meet  in the coffee shop section, by the Victoria St. entrance.


10:00 - 11:30 a.m. the third Tuesday of the month 

Dates and Book Titles

Books for the year are decided at the first meeting. 

Come and have your input in what we read this year. 

We will list book titles here once they are chosen.


Sept.   17

Oct.   15    

Nov.   19

Dec. NO MEETING     

Jan.   21   

Feb.   18     

Mar.   17     

Apr.   21    

May   19 

If you are unable to attend the Book Club in person, you can connect 

online to the SPPTA online room via ZOOM. Email 

to get details for Meeting Room ID #.    


Contact Judy Sherman (651) 738-0312 for confirmation of book and meeting date.