Honors Recital


Sunday, May 10th, 2020

The purpose of the SPPTA student Honors Recital is to encourage outstanding performances in the SPPTA recitals and to showcase the best performances from the academic year. 

Registration: Teachers must mail or email the registration form by the deadline in order for their student(s) to be featured in the Honors Recital. Teachers must mail or email proof that their student received an honorable performance in an SPPTA recital. 

There is no fee for participation.

Registration deadline: TBA Mail forms to: Elsa Hosch, TBA

Email forms to: elsahosch@icloud.com 

Honors Recital

May 10th, 2020 (Sunday) 



Sundin Music Hall, Hamline University

1536 Hewitt Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Programmer: Elsa Mathews

Host: Elsa Mathews

A  warm-up schedule will be emailed to teachers one week before the recital. 

Contributions: Contributions and Memorials to the Honors and Awards Fund are tax deductible (checks payable to SPPTA) 

Student Honors Recital – Rules and Regulation 

I. Eligibility 

a. Registration will be accepted only when submitted by the teacher. Students may not correspond in any manner with the chairperson. 

b. Only students that have received an honorable performance from a judge at an SPPTA recital of the current year are eligible to perform in the Honors Recital. Students are not required to perform the same piece from the recital. 

c. Registration forms must be turned in by the deadline in order for the student to be eligible to perform in the Honors Recital. 

d. The composition listed on the registration form must be played at the Honors Recital. In case of duplication, the teachers will be consulted. 

e. All compositions must be performed by memory. 

f. No repeats except for completion of the musical form. 

g. One composition only – the contestant must start at the beginning of the piece. More than one movement (or section) may be used. 

h. The Honors Recital is open to the public. 

II. Guidelines 

a. Cameras or camcorders WITH NO FLASH will be allowed at the Honors Recital. 

b. The day of the Honors Recital, the recital hall will open for warm-ups between 2:00-2:45pm. 

c. Students are required to stay for the entire recital, out of respect for the other performers. 

d. Review page 8: Student Recital Program, Section IV. Recital Etiquette