About Us

Who We Are

 The Saint Paul Piano Teachers Association (SPPTA) is one of the local Associations of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association a branch of the Music Teachers National Association.  The mission of these organizations is to promote professionalism, personal growth and the career development of its members, and to further the art of music by providing activities which encourage and support the performance and creation of music and scholarly research. 

What We Believe

That Teachers Care Enough about Their Students to provide opportunities for musical growth and for participation in both competitive and non-competitive activities; to give a broad, comprehensive music education of the highest quality; to develop the necessary skills for a lifetime of music; and that students should receive tangible recognition for their progress.

That Teachers Care Enough about Music in our Society to give of their time and resources to support the arts in the community, state and nation, and to develop skills in their students which contribute to the musical life of school, place of worship and community.

That Teachers Care Enough about Themselves to plan and provide for their economic security, insurance protection and retirement income, adequate income for continuing study, good equipment and materials for teaching. 

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